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Maria Mellano, LICSW, CP/PAT

Integral Psychotherapy Practice, Inc

Empowering Greatness for the Whole You


I am an experiential psychotherapist and coach.  I also offer training in psychodrama. And, I have a blog devoted to courageous living. Most of all, I strive to empower greatness for the Whole You. Welcome!

I obtained my clinical social work degree at Smith College '99 and completed my training at Cambridge Health Alliance department of Psychiatry and Massachusetts General Hospital department of Infectious Disease.  I later gained extensive experience in the field working with individuals, families and groups with trauma, acute psychiatric and medical illness and eating disorders in all levels of care and socio-economic status. I'm extensively trained in Internal Family Systems, Psychodrama, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy,  Psychoanalysis, Psychodramatic Bodywork, Energy Healing and Chronic Disease Self Management. I'm a nationally board certified (CP) and practitioner applicant for trainer (PAT) in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy, graduate of Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute. And, I am a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes and Money, Marketing and Soul Coach.

I hold a mind-body-spirit-shadow, Whole You approach - meaning no part left behind, aligned towards inspiration.  Holding the intention for each client's deepening, expansion and overall sustainable well-being,  I start from the assumption that we all have everything within that we need for healing and transformation.  However, sometimes, we need an I-thou felt bond to help us feel safe enough to be vulnerable enough to allow for opening, healing and a new perspective to form and carry through.   Sometimes we need a director to choose, act, see or feel our way through loss or confusion. Sometimes we need a mirror or a double for insight to spark that can be ignited by a relationship with a trusted other. Sometimes we need skills learning and practice. Working together will provide this in a creative, authentic and empowering way.  And, it will support you making sustainable desired key changes, clarifying and realizing your goals and ultimately your vision with compassionate accountability.  

My style empowers your strengths to bloom a life you love. Respectful of you as the expert on your path, I offer seasoned and skilled guidance to help you along your way to greatness.

I welcome your contact. 



Psychotherapy and Coaching: www.IntegralPsychotherapyPractice.com

Psychodrama Training: www.BostonPsychodrama.com

Blog: www.LaunchSoul.com





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